Because having two guys in this arc would be too much.

This comic was a bitch to draw but I’m glad I finally got to reveal Frederic’s job. Shout out to the nice Starbucks employees who were excited about me using their store in my comic and let me take a bunch of pictures of the place.

This comic is a subtle way to tell you that I’m not gonna add any more characters to the main group until the end of this little story. 10 is enough, and already makes drawing the recent comics complicated enough. Yes, I’m aware some of you won’t recognize all the characters in the last panel. Some of them haven’t made their official debut yet. (but will before the end of chapter 4!) I also wanted to have Flore’s parents in there, but I kinda ran out of space. Anyway, they don’t live in the city, and as a happily married couple living in a comfortable house, they have better things to do than hanging out in a café on a Saturday night.

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