No, you’re not dreaming. We’re updating on a thursday. Remember, Frivolesque updates twice a week for the duration of Guest Strip Month! :)

Today’s guest strip was made by Akira FUNAI from Tokyo, Japan.

I discovered Afunai-san on DeviantArt a few years ago and quickly fell in love with his adorable drawing style. He eventually noticed me and Frivolesque some time later, maybe thanks to my fanboyish antics.

His own original characters appear in the last panel. Tsukasa, Ton-Chan, and Tsukasa’s grandmother, marking the third time they crossover with the Frivolesque cast. My girls first appeared in his 4-Koma, Kaerimichi, then his girls popped in Frivolesque a few months later. Maybe we could do some sort of long-form collab at some point…

Chloe isn’t used to get trounced by old Japanese ladies in video games. I wonder if Tsukasa’s grandma is teabagging her.