Marie-Neige gets a bit too obsessed sometimes.

This comic features Tsukasa and Ton-Chan from Kaerimichi, a cute 4-Koma web-manga from Japanese artist Akira Funai. (@afunai) Funai-san himself included Flore, Marie-Neige and Chloe in his comic earlier this year and I was waiting for an opportunity to repay the favor.

Tsukasa is the one with black hair and Ton is the redhead.

The comic is also filled with gratuitous Japanese. I hope I got it right… Here’s a little translation, if anyone’s interested :

Panel 1
Tsukasa : “Uhhh… Even in Canada, they have otaku stores!”
Ton-Chan : “Weird, huh?”

Panel 2
Ton-Chan : “So many cute things! Let’s go in!”
Tsukasa : “Uhhh…”

Panel 4
Saki : “**** you.” (Language)

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