This week marks the beginning of Frivolesque’s GUEST STRIP MONTH.

Our first comic was written and drawn by none other than Franz, (A.K.A Frank Dez) a man who recieves double billing as my brother and my best friend at the same time. He was the first one I turned to for a guest strip. Both him and I used to draw a lot together when we were younger, but he mostly set his pencils aside once he reached adulthood.

Working on Frivolesque like this made him dust his tablet off a bit. I love the end result. My couch always talks to me like that.

Frank, seriously, I think you should draw more. Get your mojo back.

Fun fact, Frank was the one who initially came up with the whole concept of Flore casually drifting away in space while drinking tea. So in a way, Frivolesque wouldn’t exist without him.

Go check his DeviantArt out!