Afunai-san, based in Tokyo, Japan, draw a really cute 4-koma comic called “Kaerimichi”. Truth be told, I’ve always enjoyed his art style, and seeing this little surprise pop up in those two recent strips really made me super happy.

Behold. The Frivolesque girls in Japan! :)

Kaerimichi (01) - by Afunai

Translation :
Panel 1
Ton-chan: “Tsukasa, Tsukasa! Look, foreign girls!”
Tsukasa: “Don’t stare at people!”

Panel 2
Ton-chan: “Oh she noticed us.”
Tsukasa: “Hmm, she looks a bit like you.”

Panel 3
Marie-Neige: (tap tap tap) “Heyy! Look who’s here!”
Ton-chan: “Huh?”

Panel 4
Marie-Neige: “Let me introduce my twin!” (Nyahahahaha)
Ton-Chan: “Yieeeeeeee!!”

Kaerimichi (02) - by Afunai

Panel 1
Flore: “Sumimasen sumimasen!” (Flore tries to speak Japanese)
Tsukasa: “yu… yu-a welcome.” (Tsukasa tries to speak English)

Panel 2
Flore & Marie-Neige: “Bye!”

Panel 3
Tsukasa: “Are you alright, Ton-chan?”
Ton-chan: “I almost died…”

Panel 4
Chloe: “Where are they headed?!”
Ton-chan: “Yieeeeee!!!”

Afuna-san posts most of his stuff on Twitter. It’s all in Japanese of course, but I like to follow him anyway.