Here comes the third guest strip! (Yes, in case you missed it, there was a strip last Thursday, and we will keep having two updates a week until the end of the month.)

David Gauthier is a REAL graphic novel artist based here in Quebec City, who recently saw his first book, Le poids du vide, (in french) published.

Our styles being wildly different, I just told him to do whatever he wanted in order to be comfortable, and I was happily pleased with the results.

Here, he envisions Laurence as the all-seeing goddess of Laurier, the mall where the girls often hang out after noticing her strips tend to show up after mall themed strips. (And that there’s an actual giant poster of Laurence featured in those strips’ background…) Seems like Laurence wants to get involved in the affairs of mortals so we can have more ship.

This girl is so mysterious.

Go pay a visit to David’s blogs, Le David Gauthier – BD and
Le David Gauthier – Le reste. (Even if you don’t read french)