Aaaaand we’re done. Back to the normal Frivolesque next week. Thank you for sticking around during this little hiatus of mine and I hope you appreciated our silly bonus content in the meantime. By the way, that last panel? Totally canon. And maybe most of these strips were, but the kiss definitely was all in Marie’s head.

Many thanks to all the amazing cosplayers and the photographer who made this thing possible! I’m glad to have them in the “Frivolesque family”.

Marie-Neige – Marie-Lou Ferland
Clementine – Roxanne Rioux
Saki – USUI
Chloe – Ashley Dawkes
Flore – Gab Mimiko Drouin
Liliane – Celeste Harnois

PhotographerNaredo Photo


I’m kinda sad we didn’t have a Gaia cosplayer at the time… but things have changed since the Quebec City Comiccon, all thanks to Celtic Sakura! Maybe we’ll make a sequel? Who knows!