All good things must come to an end, and it is already time for Laurence to go back home…
…without explaining anything about herself.

Flore is able to smile after all. Remember, that’s how this current chapter started, which means we’ve come full full circle again. This isn’t the first time I’ve actually drawn Flore with a genuine smile, actually, but it always
happened quickly without me drawing too much attention to her face… I’m sure some readers did notice those stealthy smiles, though.

Fun fact! The girls are standing at the same place they stood when I first drew them together back in 2012, before the concept of Frivolesque was actually formed in my mind. It feels strangely nostalgic. Sadly, the huge Christmas tree isn’t there anymore… They always take it down quickly once the holidays are over.

Chapter 5 is also drawing to a close very soon. What’s gonna happen in those final two strips? One thing’s for sure. Next week is strip 200! I’m already excited.

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