And last, but not least, our final guest strip.

This one comes from Boum, a professional, Montréal-based webcartoonist and graphic novel artist I really love. I’ve known Boum for a while, and I feel extremely lucky to have her taking some precious time away from her busy drawing schedule and parenting duties to draw me a little something. Especially since she just launched a new webcomic and all…

I guess the abundance of eyewear was too much for her, though.

Boum too is indirectly responsible for Frivolesque. She asked people for guest strips back in 2013, just like I’m doing now, and I ended up submitting this rough thing to her. I did enjoy the experience tremendously, and thought I could try to make something ongoing too.

Anyway, go check out Boum’s webcomics, her long running Boumeries (available in both english and french!) and her new one, A Small Revolution.