Our fifth guest comic!

My brother surprised me with a second comic. I love how totally in-character everything feels. I’m kinda jealous I didn’t come up with this one myself. Maybe I could ask him to write with me. Seriously.

Go pay a visit to Frank’s DeviantArt, and tell him I want him to draw more.

I really nagged Frank to include Nick, Gaia’s trainer, in the first panel as a continuity nod. The old man was just some throaway joke in the early Gaia comics (He’s mostly Clint Eastwood from Million Dollar Baby wearing the outfit of Rocky Balboa’s trainer, Micky) but I kinda like him now and plan to bring him back later as a semi recurring character…

When I asked him why Nick wasn’t in panel 3, he told me that he simply walked away judging there was nothing to see there.

I’m still not sure about the canonicity of the guest strips, but this one definitely counts.