First of all, I gotta mention the fact I recieved an insane amount of visitors in the last two weeks. Frivolesque is taking off, and I really want to thank all of my new readers!

Pretty please. It would be awesome if you guys could follow or like Frivolesque on these social networks too. I need more visibility. I also post more art over there that you won’t see here. :)

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And we’re done with the shopping story arc. Saki now has a new “default outfit” that she’ll proably keep for a while. The thing is, she was originally designed with a biker jacket for Frivolesque, and when the jacket had to come off for the strips taking place in summmer, I didn’t really know what she should wear under it…

Yeah, it’s not always easy for a dude such as myself to come up with outfits for a bunch of girls to wear. I hope I’m not doing too bad so far.

I seriously need to focus on new things for Chloe to wear next. The poor girl seems to have a dresser filled with nothing but the same t-shirt and black jeans over and over again.