First of all, I apologize for the simple background, but I can’t make ’em overly complex all the time.

Chloe is almost breaking the fourth wall today with her strange, straight out of left field trivia. There’s no denying that Clementine is overly popular with most of the Frivolesque readership. I’ve always joked that she might take over the comic at one point…

I might have said it before, but I have a deep love for Peanuts. It was one of the first comics I’ve ever read. It was also the first comic I read that wasn’t French or Belgian, and my mom even had some old 1950s-60s paperbacks in their original english language that my french speaking, seven year old self tried to decypher as best as he could.

So yeah, without Charlie Brown (and his underappreciated original friends) Frivolesque might not even exist today.

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