Hello! And welcome to GUEST MONTH! (although it’s not really a calender month, and more like 4 random weeks stuck between May and June)

Our first guest artist this week is Geneviève LeBlanc, a good friend of mine. She has incredible artistic skills, and was one of the first people I sought last year when I took my first hiatus. Sadly, Gen wasn’t able to finish her strip before my update deadline, so I decided to keep it around and use it the next time I’d take such a break.

So here it is, after wasting away in my Guest Folder for more than a year, Gen’s lovely strip. I think it was well worth the wait. Seems like Flore isn’t the only one with an imaginary world of her own. Or is this actually what Philemon does for real when no one is paying attention to him?

See you again on thursday! (Yes, THURSDAY! Two updates a week, remember?)

Sorry, Gen, for not being able to post this comic sooner. Hope you weren’t too upset about it! And again, thank you SO MUCH for doing this!

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