Behold! The final guest strip of 2016!

Tania Mignacca is quickly conquering the province of Quebec with her super cute webcomic about an optimistic traffic cone called Ponto!
I’m really flattered that she managed to take some time off her busy schedule to draw me this adorable thing! Even though Ponto is all about Montreal and Frivolesque takes place in Quebec City, no city rivalry will stand between our collaboration!

Thank you Tania, I love your stuff to death. And we’ll have to go grab some food at the Orange Julep next time I visit La Métropole. :)

For those who don’t know, “Orange Julep” is a fast food restaurant in Montreal that’s also considered to be some sort of landmark considering the building is shaped like a big huge orange in the middle of a huge parking lot. I always said Montreal was a strange place.

Go check out her webcomic now! Now I say!

Brace yourselves. Chapter 5 starts next week! I’m on fire.