Poor Delphine.

I want any lover of BL manga out there to know that I’m not being judgemental here. I’m perfectly aware I’m doing a comic with a ton of yuri and cute girls myself. That would be ridiculously hypocritical.

I just like to make Delphine suffer a bit. You guys like her better when I’m being mean to her.

Speaking of yaoi, I really gotta thank my old friend Tiaiel for the amazing boy-on-boy action she drew for Frivolesque in the second panel. Tia has been a wonderful friend of mine for around nineteen years now, and she’s been the one that made me realize female geeks also existed. She just expressed her geekiness in vastly different ways. At any rate, many quirks of Delphine and her friends were inspired by her, as well as other girls we know, so it was only natural for me to ask her to contribute to the Delphine chapter. I’m so happy she said yes.

Tia is a amazing artist for sure. Pay her a visit on Instagram or DeviantArt!