Marie-Neige never reacts the same way when she meets a new girl.

Shout out to my friends Ariane Martineau and Laurence Perreault for suggesting nice outfit ideas for this new character!

For my English speaking readers out there who are curious, yup, hyphenated names are quite common in French. Especially with biblical names like Marie (Mary), Jean (John) or Pierre (Peter). There’s a ton of girls called Marie-Something in Quebec, so having two in Frivolesque isn’t far-fetched in any way. Marie-Neige (Snow) and Marie-Lune (Moon), however, aren’t all that common, though, but I just can’t have boring names in this comic. All that’s left is to have a girl called Marie-Soleil (Sun) in it for good measure.

Fun fact, I had a crush on an local actress called Marie-Soleil when I was a teenager. She died, though. T_T
Also, my mom is called Marie-Andrée. Yes, Maries are everywhere. Strangely enough, girls simply called “Marie” are not that common. I guess the name sounds old-fashioned by itself.

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