…And she’s back.
What, you thought I’d really get rid of this crazy character? ;)

At long last, Laurence gets her own profile page. The art feels so old… I was actually planning to have this profile up much earlier, but it ended up taking four years since things went in a strange direction for the character… more on this next week! :)

And this wraps up Chapter 5 rather nicely. I’m so glad to still have you guys around!

Things have been crazy this month. I worked on putting together a second paperback, Frivolesque Volume 2. There’s also Nadeshicon and the FBDFQ right around the corner, which I have to get ready for, I’ve been writing chapter 6 and 7 at the same time, and I’m moving to a new place with my girlfriend, so I’m afraid I need a little break. Again!

So it’s time for a short hiatus. I won’t have any guest comics this time, but don’t worry. I’ll have some bonus content up every Monday until I come back with Chapter 6 in a few weeks. Don’t be to hard on me. I’m not going anywhere!

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