Chloe has a few online buddies that she likes to chat and play games with. Anyone from Canada who’s ever had American friends before know they find our milk bags absolutely fascinating for some reason.

I think they sell way stranger things down there.

Chloe’s friend is called Nova, and she just so happens to be a guest character. :)

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a professional artist and animator on DeviantArt called William Ruzicka. I was probably at the worst part of my drawing slump at the time, but his art really inspired me to pick up my pens again. He then noticed me and told me he liked Chloe (known as Maki back then) and thought I had the potential to become much better if I kept drawing.

And I did just that.

He also drew a few awesome pictures of Chloe, so I promised him I’d feature his old OC, Nova, a cute geekette obsessed with the paranormal, in Frivolesque someday. Seems like the day has finally come. Even though it took me so long to do it.

I even drew her in her underwear. Frivolesque’s family-friendly image just went out the window.