And there you go. A full-blown page to celebrate a hundred strips. Frivolesque is officially the longest personal project that I ever undertook in my life. It feels strangely satisfying.

For those who didn’t get it, this dream of Flore’s is a direct continuation of strip 1 and 2, a return to roots of some sort. It felt so great to revisit the whole “space Flore” concept one more time. Really, the first strips started out as a totally random idea, but ended up shaping the direction of Flore’s entire character.

Even in the emptiness of space, Flore doesn’t feel alone. Just like me. Thanks to this webcomic, I met so many new and interesting people those last two years and I want to thank them all for being there and making this thing possible. You guys rock. Seriously.

Now, the sad part. I’m taking a short hiatus soon. I need some rest, and drawing this comic takes most of my free time. But don’t fret! There will be something to look for every week anyway. More info next week. ;)

Thank you forever for supporting Frivolesque. And don’t forget to comment or like the Facebook page!