And here we are. The final update of chapter 7.
Seems like someone has been one step ahead of Saki!

Wow, what a trip this was. I’ve been running this webcomic for seven years now and it’s been eating so much of my free time. I’m nowhere near done with these girls, but I need a small break in my life, and I feel like the end of chapter 7 would be the best place to stop for now.

I can’t say how long the hiatus will be, but it shouldn’t take more than 6 months. And I’m not leaving this place unattended in the meantime. I’m going to post guest strips, doodles, and random comics from time to time until I come back fully. You guys are the best audience. Thank you so much for having encouraged me to draw this silly comic for so long. What was just a small experiment turned into an incredible experience for me. I got to see a small community grow around us. Saw other artists draw my creations. People in conventions buying my things and asking me for art. I even saw wonderful girls cosplay my characters, and I wasn’t always equipped to deal with the emotions.

Thank you everyone. I love you all. I’m not going to be far!

And if somebody wants to draw some Guest Strips… just send one my way! =D

Dez out!

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