Yup! You heard me right!

Gaia, Frivolesque’s resident superwoman, just turned 20 this week. I mean, her character design. Not her in-universe age. (which still remains unknown) I cannot stress enough how important this character is to me. I can’t believe I’ve been drawing her for twenty years.

Here’s a collection of some of her various designs along the years, including the three 1995 pictures that started it all. You can see how much she’s changed since her original inception, but at the same time, her core design remained surprisingly consistent. (Unlike Saki and Chloe. But that’s another story.)


Gaia was originally envisioned in January 1995, when I was brainstorming for role playing game ideas with my good friend Papi. I started doodling a punkish, green haired mutant female for a sci-fi setting and her design just stuck for some reason. I got really invested in the character with time and kept drawing her, reinventing her and her background story every 3 years or so until I ended up having this silly idea of making a webcomic featuring of all my old characters…

What’s in store for Gaia in 2015? Who knows. I don’t see any radical change to her design anytime soon, now that she’s found a story to belong to. One thing’s for sure, though, she’s not gonna end up wearing glasses anytime soon. Unless Marie-Neige does something about it.