Frivolesque is the story of a group of girls who accidentally became friends. It also features secret government agents and sub characters that might be figments of someone’s imagination. It’s pretty random.

I decided to make this comic in the vein of the Japanese 4-Koma, which have been my inspiration since pretty much forever. The five girls featured herein were all created at different parts of my life and were never really meant to interact together.

Until now.

The comic takes place in Quebec City, most backgrounds being inspired by real-life places in the downtown area. As a bonus, all of the characters’ last names are also inspired by street names that I like. Represent!

About the Author

My name is Etienne “Dez” Desilets-Trempe and I’m an average dude hailing from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Drawing from a young age but never taking it seriously, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating in late 2012.

This comic is the result of this motivational shift

I like comics, old school video games, geek girls, pasta and flashlights. I tend to dabble in everything considered geeky by the masses. I speak french but was never able to woo english speaking ladies with my accent.