Average young woman living an average life. She works in a video game store by day and plays them quite a lot by night. A bright, cheerful, and overly nice redhead, she wishes she had more of a purpose in life.

Chloe, along with Marie-Neige, was created in spring 2003. I felt like drawing a romantic yuri comic back then, but it never really went anywhere. She kinda become some sort of a personal mascot of mine afterwards. Originally known as Maki, before I felt like she needed a "real name".

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A quiet woman of uncertain age who lives alone in a studio apartment with her cat, Philémon. Constantly lost in thoughts, her wild imagination sometimes blurs the lines between reality and fiction. Wishes she had more friends, but finds it very hard to relate to other people.

Flore was created during the fall of 2012 while I was kinda feeling blue and needed something new to focus on so I could rekindle my artistic career. Her design just happened without me thinking too much about it and stuck enough for me to want to make a comic out of her.

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A very physical girl with a mysterious past who earns some money as a boxer in the minor circuits. She has no notions of what personal space is. Rumors have it she might not be completely human.

I first created Gaia back in the fall of 1994, which makes her ancient compared to the others. She was designed as a character for a Sci-Fi RPG inspired by the 80s/90s anime and manga I was into back then. She managed to stick around in spite of her dorky origins.

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An enthusiastic, easygoing and positive university student, Marie-Neige is Chloé's best friend. She's considered beautiful by most people until her insane geekiness turns them away.

Once known as Yuki, I created Marie-Neige along with Chloé in 2003. An important character at first, I ended up phasing her out as I focused more and more on her girlfriend. Originally envisioned as a pure, gentle girl, I thought making her the opposite would make her much more interesting.

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Trained as an assassin from a young age, and currently doing mercenary work. With her everyday life being the stuff of movies and comic books, she finds it difficult to mingle with others and tends to prefer being alone.

Saki was first created as a cute fighting schoolgirl inspired by all the anime and fighting games I was into back in 1998. My first character of the digital age, she unexplainably became more and more badass with time until she bore next to no similarities with her original self.

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Shy, introverted and considered tall for a girl, Clementine is a classmate of Marie-Neige's. Constantly seen with an expensive pair of headphones on, she harbors a slight crush on her friend.

Simply known as the "Headphone Girl" when I first drew her, this girl was some sort of mascot for my old website, complete with a red color scheme and a watermelon theme. I decided to inject some citrus juice in her, and the modern Clementine was born.

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Secondary Characters


A strange person seemingly living in a surreal world filled with minimalistic backgrounds and talking animals. Recently seen in the real Frivolesque world as well. Flore's twin?

Laurence was a rejected character design for Frivolesque that I ended up resurrecting in a whole different role. And I think it was a really good idea.

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Flore's loving sister and Saki's boss as well. She works for a secret government agency. Confident and professional, but tends to display a more relaxed side of her personality when around her sister.

Like the rest of the supporting cast, Liliane is a new creation for this comic. However, she is an amalgamation of many older "big-sister-type, sunglasses-wearing, businesswomen" characters that I came up with in the past.

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Saki's partner, John Conroy is a former military man currently doing mercenary work for the government. Longs for a peaceful life, but always misses the thrill of battle when he settles down.

Conroy came to be in 2004 when I was trying to give Saki a proper background story. His design didn't change much since then, but it took me a few years to settle on a name for him. I love how out of place he looks in Frivolesque.

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A sweet little girl who is quite obsessed with Chloé, seeing her as some sort of role model that she wants to be friends with. Likes to play outside with her friends and have adventures, old school style.

Everytime I tried to do something with Chloé in the past, I would always end up adding a younger girl in pink with a crush on her somewhere in the story. So I took those characters and turned them into one little girl. No crush this time. Just admiration.

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A young man with a dead end job and a negative outlook on life. He's an old friend of Chloé's family and the manager of the small video game store where she works. He's been harboring a secret crush on her for many years.

Frivolesque was lacking guys, so I came up with some poor loser that I could relate to. He's one of the few characters that was created directly for the comic. He kinda looks like Cody from Final Fight, but sadly, he's no fighter.

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Chloe's older brother as well as Ben's best friend since their early teenage years. Frederic is an easygoing, artsy young man that makes friends easily. Him and Chloe share a very close sibling relationship.

From day one, I wanted Chloe to have a big brother, although I never managed to settle on a design for him. Let's hope this current version sticks. I actually asked my father to pick a name for him.

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Marie-Neige's shut-in roommate and a huge fan of homosexual pairings. The two have known each other for a while, and were apparently friends before living together destroyed everything. They seem to dislike each other now, but still remain roommates for the sake of convenience.

I've been meaning to give Marie a roommate from day one, but didn't really want to create some random character out of thin air. I realized Frivolesque's geeky cast was lacking a bona fide yaoi fangirl, and thought she could fill the roommate role quite nicely.

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A bored, cynical teenager living in Gaia's neighborhood who find the green-haired girl quite fascinating. Very active on Youtube, she's the one who posted that one video where Gaia is seen sending a guy through the air with a single punch.

I have a token kid in the cast, but I didn't have a teenage character yet. I thought long and hard to make her design unique among the rest of the cast

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Marie-Neige's potential sidekick. A pale, lonely twelve year old girl with no friends, no siblings and an absentee father. Finds solace in books and the internet and is happiest when she feels useful to someone.

Initially created for chapter 4, Mégane had to wait a long time before her introduction. Her name, Mégane (pronounced slightly similarly to the english name Megan), happens to be spelled the same way as "megane" (may-guh-nay) the romanization of the Japanese word for glasses, something that didn't escape Marie-Neige.

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A very popular girl among geek circles who hails from Montreal. Does cosplay and Twitch videos, and manages to have an army of fanboys. Marie-Neige totally hates her. Also seems to be some sort of assassin named Tisiphone going after Gaia and the other people like her...

My, what a mysterious character...

See all comics featuring Marie-Lune.

A mysterious girl that seems to to have some connection to Saki and Marie-Lune. Likes to make dramatic entrances.

Yet another character that I designed a long time ago, now sporting cool trendy headphones for her Frivolesque makeover!

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Marie-Lune's other sister. Sidonie is a computer and surveilance expert and gives her older sister some backup sometimes.

The middle sister out of these mysterious silver haired siblings. Her design didn't change much since my old sketches, but her hat is new.

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One of Gaia's sisters. A mysterious character opposing Liliane's organization. Was able to defeat Conroy and Saki with ease.

Phoebe is yet another old character of mine from when I decided to give Gaia a modern backstory back in 2006. I wasn't sure a killer cyborg like her would fit the Frivolesque world, but I guess weird stuff is commonplace in this comic of mine now.

See all comics featuring Phoebe.

Gaia's big brother. He was always the nicest one, according to her.

I'm gonna have to reveal more information about these people someday.

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Yet another green haired individual who spotted by security cameras in Montreal. Zoé wanted Liliane to investigate her too. Was tracked down and seemingly killed by a mysterious assassin called Tisiphone who looks a whole lot like Marie-Lune.

Rhea is the very first "relative" of Gaia I ever created. It's been a hard decision to have her be killed off in the same strip she was intoduced, but she was the most fitting candidate out of them all.

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Other Characters


A high schooler living in the UK. She's a top student struggling to find her place in the world and also happens to be Saki's long-lost sister, Subaru Laurier.

Saki always had a little sister, but it's the first time I get to use her seriously!

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Flore's and Liliane's father. He's just as quiet and unreadable as his oldest daughter, and also shares her wild imagination and youthful appearance. A carefree artist, Laurent likes to travel around. He met his future wife, Roxane, while spending some time in Paris. The two have been happily married for almost thirty years now.

I designed Flore's dad early in the comic's run, knowing that he'd look like a slightly older, male version of her . He kinda looks like a boy even though he's in his late 50s.

See all comics featuring Laurent.

Mimi's mother and Ben's older sister. A quirky woman who likes to dress like a 1950s housewife and dearly loves her daughter.

I was never sure if Agnes should remain an unseen character or end up having a real character design. Obviously, I went for the latter.

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Eleonore's little brother, and Mimi's classmate and best friend. He's quite the idealist and has a strong sense of justice.

Back when I was considering adding Mimi to the regular cast, I thought long and hard for designs I could use for her friends. My first ideas where a pair of white female twins, but then I thought Mimi hanging out with two boys would be much more interesting. Felix was the first thing that came out of my mind after this revelation.

See all comics featuring Felix.

Mimi's other friend. There isn't much to say about him, he's just kinda there.

David's got a weird, unfinished looking design for some reason. That's what his original concept sketch looked like, and I never worked on him beyond that, it was funnier that way.

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A tiny little girl of Chinese origin, Xue is in the same class as Mimi and her friends and likes to play with them sometimes. A cute kid filled with hopes and dreams.

A one-note background character that ended up looking like a little asian girl after my friend Usui suggested so. She ended up liking her so much I felt like drawing her more.

See all comics featuring Xue.

An old friend of Frederic's that Chloe used to consider like a cool big sister. Just like Marie-Neige, she seems to be into every cute girl she sees.

Noemie would probably be one of the main characters of another story if I had the time to focus on everyone in this comic. Sadly, she's only a background character in frivolesque.

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Another friend of Frederic's and Noemie's who works close to the cafe Frederic works at.

Even the background characters have friends in Frivolesque!.

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Liliane's plain looking assistant. She's quite dedicated to her work, and feels like the people around her aren't getting the job done efficiently enough.

Poor Zoe is the protagonist of another comic idea I kinda abandonned when Frivolesque became popular. It's a bit sad to see her recieve such a bit part here...

See all comics featuring Zoe.

Gaia's boxing trainer, and some sort of father figure for her. A grumpy old man who can show a nice side once in a while.

Part Burgess Meredith from Rocky, part Clint Eastwood from Million Dollar Baby... I like those old trainer dudes. I don't know why.

See all comics featuring Nick.

One of Clementine's numerous sisters. Friendly and carefree, and seemingly absent minded-enough to forget about Clementine's existence once in a while.

Clementine has a bunch of sisters, and Melo is the one closest in age to her, being a mere 9 months younger. To keep the citrus vibe going on, she is Pomelo themed.

See all comics featuring Melo.

The youngest among Clementine's sisters, and her total opposite in terms of personality. She's a small tsundere that has yet to show her dere side to anyone.

Citrine is obviously lemon-themed. Her name comes from Citrus, or "Citron", the french name for Lemon, and also the name of yet another unrelated citrus fruit in English.

See all comics featuring Citrine.

One of Delphine's fujoshi friends. They all work on doujinshi comics together, although it's not very clear what her role in the team is. As a lover of yaoi, she thinks it's wrong for her to pursue men, but she finds herself strangely attracted to Marie-Neige

Fanboys have been covered and parodied forever in western media, but fangirls rarely ever occur for strange reasons. I've been surrounded with them for a huge chunk of my life, though, so I really wanted to pay homage to them with these girls.

See all comics featuring Catherine.

Delphine's main artistic partner in crime. She handles the writing duty while Delphine draws. A very passionate woman who cares little for what other people think. She has very specific standards when it comes to the men she's into. To her, yaoi is not just a passion, it's a way of life.

I was itching to draw a physically imposing girl in Frivolesque for quite a while, so a fujoshi character was a very good candidate for that.

See all comics featuring Mylene.

Chloe's online friend who lives in California. A huge paranormal buff, she enjoy ghost hunts and cryptid stories.

Nova is a character that actually belongs to Will Ruzicka, a fellow artist who really inspired me. He allowed me to use her as a cameo character in my universe!

See all comics featuring Nova.

A busy girl who seems to have many different jobs. The Frivolesque cast often run into her around the city.

She's barely a character and her design was an afterthought, but she stuck around for some reason. People seem to like her, so here she is.

See all comics featuring The Girl of Many Jobs.

Suzie is an aspiring actress who works at Staples by day and has a grumpy personality. Marianne is her best friend. She wishes her life was more interesting.

One of the two background girls, and a random character design that I kept using after a friend of mine asked me to draw a girl with bright red hair. She even gets lines sometimes!

See all comics featuring Suzie.

Suzie's best friend, Marianne is also an aspiring actress with an easygoing personality. She's mostly grounded and is quick to give Suzie a reality check when the former starts complaining about things.

The other recurring background girl. Her design is slightly less random since she is based on an awesome girl I know.

See all comics featuring Marianne.

The new spirit of Christmas who apparently took over Santa when "the old man retired". She shows up once a year to bring joy and presents to all the children of the world with the help of her trusty sidekick, Chloe, and her elves of many jobs.

It only made sense for Santa Claus to be a cute girl in glasses in the Frivolesque world, I guess. Maybe I'll have a Halloween-themed girl someday as well.

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